Unfit Father Allows 6 year old son to smoke marijuana

Two men out of North Carolina have been arrested.  Their arrest was for allegedly smoking marijuana in the presence a six year old 6-year-old child.  This was captured on Facebook Live. The two men one aged 20- and  the other is 23-year-old, were both charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

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The two warrants show that Tyreek J. Carpenter and Donta Dewayne Blue were arrested on Sunday and released on bond. Donte Blue is the child’s father and Carpenter’s cousin

Blue quoted to cbs 17 “I mean I was smoking weed,” “I’m not going to lie.”

Lyvette Caldwell, witch is the child’s mother lives in New York.  She contacted the police after seeing the video. She stated“I’m like. I have to do something about this. This is my child,” . She also stated that their child has asthma, making this act especially dangerous. “My child doesn’t have to deal with that.”

Blue added, “I hope everything goes how it’s supposed to go and I get a second chance to do better and try to be the father I’m supposed to be.”In 2018, two North Carolina women were charged with felony child abuse for allegedly helping three children smoke marijuana, as inside edition reported . A video of the incident was uploaded to Snapchat that police said showed the women holding a cigarillo to the toddlers’ lips.


Billy Porter + Black Women=Extinction

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Oh here we go again, another article on race”.

I want to let it be known that yes, you’re right.  The only thing about this is that I’m not blaming white people.  My goal is for us to hold ourselves accountable and to stop blaming other races for our lack of prosperity.

So let’s talk about it.

In this video I’ll tell you how Billy Porter wearing a gown set’s us back as black men.  Not only that, but also  how the major support of it from black women is actually destructive and dangerous.

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Renee Graham Takes Focus Off of Child Molestation to push her agenda

R Kelly Renee Graham Feminist me too Movement. Should Renee Graham try to turn this into something that it isn’t. Is Renee Graham using this national platform to push her own feminist agenda? Or should we focus on the actual accusations.

I’m a strong believer of throwing false accusations without proof. With the me too movement going on, what ever accusation that is placed out there will be taken seriously by the general public. So saying r Kelly responded this way because he doesn’t respect women is dangerous as well as irresponsible.

If the focus is on the child molestation let’s focus on that. In this video I will explain how Renee graham is using subject and this national platform to push her own agenda.

Gayle King R Kelly interview:


The One Question That Every Woman Has.


What is the one question that every woman has?  In my opinion is the question of why is there a double standard when it comes to sex.  Why do men get a pass and women don’t when it comes to having multiple partners.  In this video I will explain why.  If you find this video informing, please share and subscribe to the channel.


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